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Our Philosophy

We are the nationwide leader in financing for good reasons. At Archer Capital, we treat all customers equal, but we don’t treat your specific needs alike. We work to understand your business needs and will design a program to help you accomplish your business goals. Our multi-flex programs help both new start-up and existing companies by financing equipment you need to successfully operate your business, coupled with the flexibility of monthly payments.

Archer Capital’s custom financing plans for your equipment cover training, setup, warranties, tax and freight. Your business can realize significant tax savings by leasing equipment, since monthly payments on leases are typically viewed as operating expenses. Consult with your financial adviser to determine the most tax-beneficial lease for your company.

Who We Are

Archer Capital is a nationwide leader in the equipment financing and working capital industry. We remain focused on the growth and the professional training of our employees and representatives. We work collaboratively with our funding sources to elevate the industry with innovative and unique products.

Archer Capital is proud to be your financing choice for small to medium projects. We offer fast, friendly solutions to your financing needs. Our prompt attention and professional advice are not just limited to financing, but also help you establishing a new business or integrating and growing your existing company.

We offer programs for all types of businesses including: start-up companies, non-profits, manufacturers, franchises, government agencies and fortune 500 companies.

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