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Affordable payments for equipment purchases

Affordable Payments

Archer Capital offers flexible terms that range from 12 to 60 months. We can offer seasonal payments and 90 day deferred programs OAC.?

Tax deductible equipment purchases.


Section 179 of the IRS Tax Code allows your business to deduct the full purchase price for the equipment! Consult your tax advisor for additional information.

equipment loans for businesses.


Get all the equipment you need today and put it to work. Now the equipment pays for itself over its usable life in small incremental payments.

keep cash for equipment loans


Why stress your company?s finances? Financing your equipment preserves your cash and builds your company?s credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! We have banks that work with new and start-up businesses. We understand that today’s start-ups are tomorrow’s business leaders and we will invest in you!

Yes! There are a lot of good people that need a second chance. We understand sometimes, bad credit is really a matter of unfortunate circumstances. We can work with you.

Yes! We understand fast growing businesses sometimes need flexible terms. We can work to help you trade-in and upgrade your equipment.

We are FAST! Unlike traditional banks that can take weeks just for an approval, we can approve you in as little as 2 hours. If you’ve had some credit challenges, it may require 2-3 days.

We can have your equipment funded and ordered in as fast as 2-3 days. However, realistically the normal process is about a week or so.

Yes! Leasing payments are fully tax deductible. Please contact your accountant or tax advisor to explain how it will specifically help you.

We structure the majority of our financing as a lease to give you the benefits of the tax deduction. Most people’s true concern is “but I want to own the equipment”. In most instances, at the end of the term you will automatically own the equipment.

Archer Capital is committed to giving you the most competitive rates available. Period. Our goal is to create a Win-Win-Win. You get the equipment you need, the vendor makes a sale and we earn a happy customer!

We are committed to providing a streamlined process, allowing you to concentrate on maximizing your financial outcomes. With our support, countless entrepreneurs have successfully kickstarted their ventures, establishing us as a reliable partner in delivering financing solutions.


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