Equipment Financing

Are you looking to expand your operations or start a business? Here’s some of the top reasons equipment financing might be the right answer for you

Improved Cash Flow

Leasing allows you to design a program best suited for you. This allows the equipment to pay for itself while you use it. In a world where cash is king! Stay liquid! Using other people’s money means you still have yours for future opportunities or emergencies.

Tax Advantages

Leases are recognized by the IRS as a tax deductible expense. Our leases won’t negatively affect your personal credit or your debt to income. To see how much money you can save see our    Tax Savings Calculator

Equipment financing
equipment financing

Equipment Financing is Fast

Archer Capital can have credit decisions for you in a little as an hour. Traditional banks can take weeks. If you’re looking to move fast on opportunities, you need to be speaking to us!

Leasing is Flexible

Your dedicated Archer Capital representative can design a lease to meet your equipment financing needs. We have options for short term 12 months to long terms 72 months*, Seasonal payments*, 90 day deferred* and much more. Ask your representative for more details.

Low Cost

Leases are typically cheaper than loans. Also, most leases require only first and/or last payment upfront with no (or minimal) security deposit. Non equipment costs such as freight, installation, warranties and training are covered for both new and used equipment.





Why is Archer Capital the Leasing Expert?


Starting or expanding your business is both exciting and stressful. We can help you navigate thru your purchase smoothly. Our reps are assigned and dedicated to your specific industry. Their knowledge and understanding of your industry better enables them to advise you and complete your transaction.


Every transaction no matter how big or small is important to you and we treat you that way. We employ the latest technology: VOIP, email, text. Our commitment is to answer any question, any time and treat every customer with care and respect. ALWAYS.


Archer Capital maintains a stellar reputation with the companies we work with. They know that we stand behind everything we do and they make exceptions for us. Our history and experience working closely with banks mean better approvals for you.


Archer Capital will meet or beat any written comparable quote. Some restrictions apply, ask for details. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with our services, call us we’ll fix it. Period.

Frequently Asked Questions

Archer Capital does not set a minimum amount. However, transactions below $2000 tend to be less cost efficient for the customer.

Archer can get you conditionally approved for up to $100,000 even if you start your business tomorrow. We also have custom programs that can approve you for more with disclosure of personal financials.

Leases are not calculated with an interest rate, the money factor varies based on the strength of the applicant. A close analogy is to consider your building lease. There really is no interest rate on your building when you lease it. It’s a set payment for a fixed term. Of course, with our lease you can own the equipment for a dollar at the end of the term. Your landlord won’t let you have his building for a dollar!

Leases typically require the first and/or last payment in advance.

Yes, equipment financing can be paid off early.

No. Your equipment dealer has to pass a minimum level legitimacy.

If you’re under 2 years in business $100,000 is typically the maximum without showing financials. Once you’re over 2 years in business, you are only limited by the strength of your credit. Try our online application

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