Frequently asked leasing questions

What is the minimum size lease transaction?

Archer Capital does not set a minimum amount. However, transactions below $2000 tend to be less cost efficient for the customer.

How long do we have to be in business?

Archer can get you conditionally approved for up to $100,000 even if you start your business tomorrow. We also have custom programs that can approve you for more with disclosure of personal financials.

Can I purchase equipment from more than one supplier?


What is the interest rate on the equipment lease?

Leases are not calculated with an interest rate, the money factor varies based on the strength of the applicant. A close analogy is to consider your building lease. There really is no interest rate on your building when you lease it. It’s a set payment for a fixed term. Of course, with our lease you can own the equipment for a dollar at the end of the term. Your landlord won’t let you have his building for a dollar!

How much of a down payment is required on the equipment?

Leases typically require the first and/or last payment in advance.

Can the equipment lease be paid off early?


Can I lease equipment I saw on Ebay, Craigslist, a yard sale or at a going out of business sale?

No. Your equipment dealer has to pass a minimum level legitimacy.

How much can I qualify for?

If you’re under 2 years in business $100,000 is typically the maximum without showing financials. Once you’re over 2 years in business, you are only limited by the strength of your credit.

Can you approve people who have some credit issues?

Yes, call us. Let’s talk.